“The music of Voice of the Shepherd took me back to a simpler time when we put the Scriptures to music with simple arrangements that let the voice of the Good Shepherd shine through. Their voices are beautiful and the music honors and invites the presence of God. These psalms have a timeless sense about them and deserve a listen.”
Paul Wilbur
Messianic/Christian Recording Artist
"In days of old, in an ancient land, a young shepherd boy named David chronicled his life—and the life of his nation—with anointed and inspired songs. These ‘psalms,’ composed to and about His God, became the songbook of Israel and the ‘hymnal’ for all people of faith, from generation to generation. Since that time, there have always been those who record—in their time and for their time—the experience of a walk with the Lord of their life.

‘Voice of the Shepherd’ is a group of gifted and dedicated musicians who do just that; singing and playing original compositions that express their love and devotion to the God of Israel and to Yeshua, their Messiah.

Their musical creations are rich in content, adorned with moving melodies, sung beautifully to skillful and intricate accompaniment, enhanced by tight and interesting harmonies.

Each offering in their repertoire is unique in message and musical style. Some are expressions of praise and worship; others are Bible stories told eloquently and elegantly through music; many reflect the members’ Messianic perspective and Hebraic roots; all use the words of scripture to touch and to teach, to instruct and to inspire. They truly are ‘psalms’ that please the ear and reach the heart. ‘Voice of the Shepherd’ follows faithfully in the footsteps of that ‘long ago’ shepherd.

May the songs so beautifully performed by these talented artists help to tune your soul and spirit to that Great Shepherd, Yeshua, and to God our Father, who has given them a message and a mission through their music.

Blessings on a job well done!
Marty Goetz
Messianic/Christian Recording Artist
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