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Each of the original worship songs listed below can be listened to and downloaded without cost. To download one or more songs, simply create a free account.

For better sound quality, or to obtain a copy of the music to listen to at home or in your car, you are invited to purchase a Voice of the Shepherd CD. We will be glad to send a CD containing all 18 worship songs to your home or any U.S. address for just $14.95 which includes free shipping. For more information, please visit the Shop section of this website.

Playlist for our Double Album “In the Beginning”

Several of the songs below were recorded “live in concert” such as How Precious and My Father’s House.  Others such God Will Provide were recorded live in the studio in one take.

Behold the Lamb of God
Rejoice Greatly
Remain in Me
Jars of Clay
My Father’s House

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