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Voice of the Shepherd’s Story

“I am the Good Shepherd. 
I know my sheep and my sheep know me.  
They will listen to my voice and 
there will be one flock and one Shepherd.  
My sheep listen to my voice; 
I know them and they follow me. 
John 10:14-16

The story of Voice of the Shepherd begins nearly 25 years ago when the Lord gave Biblically-based songs to three people who worshipped at a small Messianic congregation in northeastern Ohio.  Voice of the Shepherd got its name when Messianic singer/songwriter Marty Goetz prayed with the group and prophesized to Jeff Roberts, “may you hear the voice of the Shepherd”.  Prior to performing as a trio, the Lord brought William Hallbrook and Jeff Roberts together through their shared interest in Scripture-based music.  William and Jeff served as the opening act for internationally known Messianic/Christian recording artists Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz and performed at the national conference of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).  In 1997 the group became a trio with the addition of Denise Rose, a gifted singer, songwriter, and lyricist.  Voice of the Shepherd continued for a short period of time during which they provided worship music for a Sid Roth event.  Their song Jars of Clay was selected as the theme song for six U.S. teaching conferences put on by Israeli-based ministry First Fruits of Zion. 

Despite these encouraging developments and although Voice of the Shepherd’s music was briefly played on America’s number one Christian radio station, the right doors never opened and the group stopped recording and playing together.  Although William, Jeff, and Denise continued to serve the Lord individually, their families, careers, and children took center stage and the music of Voice of the Shepherd went silent more than 20 years ago.  But then the Lord in His infinite wisdom did something completely unexpected.

Have you ever unexpectedly run across an old photograph, a keepsake, or something that reminded you of a person or event from many years ago?  In November of 2019, Jeff came across a CD of Voice of the Shepherd’s music which he had not heard for many years.  As he listened to the music, Jeff felt the songs might minster to people in today’s turbulent times.  So he had copies of the CDs made and began to give them away for free.  To his surprise, the response to the music was immediate and heartfelt and the songs touched people in deeply personal ways.  Multiple people gave Jeff a “word” that said that the Lord wanted something done with this long dormant music “for a time such as this.”  So Jeff reached out to William and Denise who he had not spoken with in many years.  One result of this unexpected and surprising turn of events is this website which was created to share God’s music with you. 

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